Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pics Grabbed From Friendster!!

Last night, I got nothing to do so I viewed a few profiles of my friends from the FRIENDSTER..... Guess what I found? Pics of Fatin,my beloved daughter... So I grabbed those pictures and now I am proudly present the two of them for u to see....
Yes, of course u can see Fatin in two different situation
1. Then: she is younger and smaller
2. Now: she is bigger and smarter
- "Please mommy, I want u to spoon feed me no more!"
Till the next entry, see ya!!!

1 comment:

Arechick Lana said...

cepat tol besor kan kak..dolu kecik jekkk...rafiki pon ni kira momi diorg makin tuakah??haha

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Sweet Memories....

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